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Detach yourself from the emotion by changing your language around it. Eddy is a confidence coach who specializes in overcoming shyness. He helps guys crush personal obstacles to become the kind of men that women desire and men respect.

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Contact Eddy to learn about confidence and dating coaching: Retrieved on January 18, , from https: By a member of our scientific advisory board on 8 Oct Published on Psych Central. Find help or get online counseling now. By Eddy Baller Last updated: What did the shy pebble say?

A Little Bit of Background I suffered from shyness and social anxiety for years in my late teens and early twenties. How to Start Start by conditioning yourself to talk to random strangers, whether men or women.

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Some other options to overcome shyness include: I just made a new video on my Facebook page about using exposure therapy to overcome social anxiety. Exposure therapy is the quickest and most direct way to build social confidence.

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  4. How to use Exposure Therapy for Overcoming Social Anxiety.
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  6. This is what my 6-week transformation program is all about. The principle is exactly the same whether it is in business, dating. The realization was about public speaking and how it has massively helped me with my social confidence and ability to connect with people and inspire them.

    How Can a Shy Adult Get Dates Without Using Online Dating?

    This is also a fantastic way to use exposure therapy and build your confidence with speaking in front of larger groups of people. There is something I find quite magical about public speaking in how it can really bring out the BEST in you. I mention my story in my other youtube videos and articles about my struggle with expressing myself growing up around my family, friends, and people.

    My social anxiety came from some negative childhood memories of my Dad criticizing me and calling me horrible names like stupid which gave me a lot of limiting beliefs about myself.

    Take the first step toward getting help by calling them at or by emailing them today. Your email address will not be published.


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    The combination of dating and social anxiety disorder presents many complications for people who have this condition: Men often have a harder time in a dating situation. Society normally dictates that men are responsible for initiating dating scenarios.


    As a result, a man with Social Anxiety Disorder will generally feel more pressure than a woman. They are afraid of looking silly or unintelligent. Women tend to worry more about what people will think of them.