Senior in high school dating a sophomore

It's basically you just feeling bad for her. If you do like her then who tf cares what anyone thinks. This guy I was friends with when we were seniors we graduated this year in June was dating a freshman and no one really gave af because he didn't let it get to him. Nobody gives af to be honest ahaha.

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And if you don't like her, then let her down easy. Don't keep playing with her emotions and leading her on, just tell her you aren't interested.

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Simple as that, she'll get over it. Well two years isn't that bad of an age difference.

Senior in high school dating a sophomore? | Yahoo Answers

If you like her, go for it! If you're friend is bothered by it, then who cares, it's your life. Could a Senior date a Sophomore in High School? Is it ok for a high school senior to date a sophomore?

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And its only a two year difference, no big deal. I'm not faster then the Flash, but I am faster then you! Who saids nothing is impossible?

I have been doing nothing for years! The 2 year gap isn't a big deal, but you may come to see her as very immature in time, And that's well and good because, well, they are immature compared to senior girls. I've seen several relationships where a guy in my grade I'm a senior this year has dated a sophomore or a freshman last year.

In HS, how is senior dating sophomore viewed compared to senior dating freshmen?

I was in one that lasted about a month last year. I've seen two others fail after a similar length of time. One lasted over a year and ended horribly. One is around 10 months now and the two are having a lot of problems. The other one is several months in and apparently still going strong. But really; there are other much more important things to worry about. Gross; how stupid does he think I am? Different kids, different circumstances I began dating my husband as a freshman and he was a senior.

We both went off to different colleges and lived our own lives but kept in touch and got together when we could. We married 11 years later when we knew for sure we were on the same path in life.

Senior in high school dating a sophomore?

And I started school early so I was young for my grade. We've been happily married for 9 years now and are raising two little ladies. Karma may come back to bite us.

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What's the fuss anyway, as long as he's not a member of a gang or terrorist group? Originally Posted by NightRogue. Originally Posted by phonelady I would think you don't have to worry so much about hs romances and couples they usually don't last long as a senior in a year will be going off to college and meeting different people and most likely will not be interested in the one he or she left behind. And the one left behind will most likely be interested in someone else soonafter. That is the natural order of things.

High School Relationship Advice

Very few people meet the one they are going to marry in High school. Originally Posted by AnywhereElse. Some seniors will be 18 sometimes even older these days with a 15 year old partner. A senior should be looking to moving on from high school anyway. Originally Posted by HomeIsWhere