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In conclusion, I was a dating wizard. So can we rule that out? I have a busy life. Life is too short. Had fun on the previous date and want to go on another? If anything I think it makes men seem a bit emotionally immature. Be brave -- local authorities are willing to give you basic medical attention afterwards. Clearing local infestations is a group effort! The first dunj is the Verona Beach Center, a mall overrun by creatures most hideous.

We have two more dunjs in progress, the Nightclub and something secret!

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Each dunj features different monster types, challenges, music, potential romantic spots to find, and secrets to discover. Boss monsters may also interrupt your dunj flow, so train up and make sure you and your weapon are both ready for a tough fight!

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Sometimes there are enemies that swarm; sometimes you need to focus your attacks; sometimes you need to move around to avoid an onslaught! Some weapons will be better-suited to some dunjs and enemy encounters than others. A general idea of how each weapon plays:.

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  • Talwar attacks and combos tend to cover a wider area, while Dagger attacks and combos tend to be quick and focus on a narrower area. Epee attacks and combos tend to require precision but have the capability to stun, while Lasersaber attacks and combos can be upgraded to reflect projectiles and do ranged attacks!

    All of these plus the development of Glaive and Brass Knuckles are likely to evolve as we continue to work on the game. This means the game will be complete-able at a basic level even by folks who normally stick to dating sims, while also offering some "fun" to those poor masochists who have been damaged by Dark Souls you know who you are. A good relationship with your weapon starts with a romantic date.

    Luckily for you, Verona Beach is filled with dreamy date spots like the local museum, sunny beach, or flashy nightclub. Make the right choices and you might find your weapons warming up to you! But, in this game as in real life, every relationship is a little bit different in its benefits and demands. Some partners will teach you how to do more damage, while others will help you use skills more effectively.

    Even when you're busy slaying monsters, the dunj will feature spots for some mini-dates, because love knows no bounds. Above all, you'll be able to cultivate meaningful relationships full of supportive and inviting weapon babes Well, I mean, other than the eternal love and gratitude of the Kitfox team, of course. And, presented here for the first time, a preview of the new soon-to-be-hit single, Spellbound: They're an illustrator from Toronto, currently working as a Jr.

    Jessica would transform into a Shield in the dunj. Sunder Raj from Particle Beam made the beautiful animation of Talwar's transformation! We'd love to hire Particle Beam to make transformation sequences for the rest of the weapons, but we'll see what we can afford Sunder from Particle Beam would transform into a Durian in the dunj.

    The lead of Kakehashi, Zach, would transform into a Kusarigama in the dunj. The lead of Indiebox, James, would transform into Nunchucks in the dunj. Hey, we're Kitfox Games! We're an independent Montreal-based games studio with a soft spot for exploring and discovering new, dangerous worlds.

    Tanya has never said she didn't date a weapon, so you could probably say this game is based on a true story. Nobody can prove otherwise.

    2. My Sweet Roomies!

    Tanya would transform into a Sabre in the dunj. Xin Ran Liu xinranliu: Previously art directed Moon Hunters and Shattered Planet, and illustrated tons of different things, from book covers to band posters to game concept art. Xin would transform into a Chakram in the dunj. Marcelo almost single-handedly coded the Moon Hunters cooking system and also ported Moon Hunters to all the consoles!

    Marcelo would transform into a Meteor Hammer in the dunj. Kira is a wielder, not a weapon. Victoria would transform into a Bread Knife in the dunj. Thank you to everyone who backed our first Kickstarter in ! Because of their help, and other funding sources, we were able to create our first big game, Moon Hunters!

    Plus we released it with only a few months of delay -- not bad. I hope you still bought them. We sure learned a lot from those, too. There are also a few Kitfoxes working on a different game you might wonder where Jongwoo went, for example , but they are using a different source of funding, and none of the Kickstarter money will go to them. We loved the input we got from Moon Hunters backers, but we felt like we didn't use it enough because we weren't ready for all of your ideas! So we want your feedback to help us shape the game in the years to come.

    PLUS we wanted to make some unique limited-edition merch and pre-ordering those mugs and t-shirts and pillow cases makes it easier for us to see how many to make. But this Kickstarter helps us understand how many fans are out there, and how much we can afford to keep pouring our hearts and wallets into it. And, with your help, we not only reached our goal Thank you so much for believing in us! Our current language support plans include only English, French, and Japanese, due to the amount of words. We may consider others, depending on community involvement.

    Thanks for all of your excitement, enthusiasm, and support. If you can't afford to buy the game, we understand.. Kitfox Games is an award-winning studio that has released multiple games, including successfully releasing a Kickstarted game previously Moon Hunters.


    However, every unfinished game has risks. Boyfriend Dungeon is most of the way through production already, and already has a fully staffed team, so it is considered low-risk as a project. Forget the seven wonders of the ancient world: Wait until your boss turns his back and kiss your colleague for as long as you can! So many cute guys to choose from! Can you sweet-talk yourself a fun date with one of them? Can you prevent your romantic evening from turning into a total disaster in this exciting makeover game? Update your billiards skills with some British style: Get to know your scary friends in this cute dating sim, filled with characters from scary games across the internet!

    Take your time to study and become the best!

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