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After the show concluded in , Murphy became more than happy to spill the beans on what went down at every opportunity. In a particularly honest interview with Entertainment Weekly , Murphy admitted that the drama sometimes got out of hand on Glee 's set. He called his time making the show as both the "best" and "worst" experience he's had, mainly due to all of the infighting and hook-ups that took place when the cameras stopped rolling.

It sounds like juicy stuff! Murphy claimed that keeping all of the cast in check was "good training for being a parent", as he often had to deal with co-stars who'd recently either got together or broken up.

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That can't always have been the best working environment in the world! Have you ever wondered why Dianna Agron and her character Quinn became less and less prominent as each season of Glee progressed?

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At first, a lot of screen time was spent dealing with Quinn's pregnancy, and the drama surrounding who the father of her baby really was. We even witnessed the pretty intense scene that saw glimpses of her giving birth being interspersed with a performance of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody! Why did this happen? According to 'Cosmopolitan', the actress cut a deal with the show's producers in that allowed her to break her contract and leave the show earlier than she'd initially intended.

Us Weekly claimed that Agron had been "unhappy" on the show for a while; Glee sources claimed that this was false. However, Quinn did disappear from the show, and didn't even come back for the Cory Monteith tribute episode "The Quarterback". Nobody's quite sure whether Agron refused to appear, or if she wasn't asked to return at all. Either way, her absence was pretty conspicuous, and many fans took it as a sign that she no longer wanted to be associated with Glee at all.

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We're still not really sure why. It's hard to let go of your favorite show when it eventually comes off the air! However, all good things must come to an end - and one member of the Glee cast thought that its finale didn't come a moment too soon. Kevin McHale, who portrayed Artie throughout all of Glee 's six seasons, gave a candid interview to Digital Spy around the time the show came to a close, explaining why he thought its time to conclude had come.

He claimed that while he was a part of the show, other casting directors avoided hiring Glee cast members as they knew that a large portion of their schedule would already be taken up by the long-running series.

Even when McHale did manage to find other work alongside Glee , he'd often have a hectic and draining schedule in order to juggle his numerous commitments. Sometimes, he'd have to work for days on end without sleep to appease his various producers! Yeah, we can see why that may not have been fun Being a part of Glee must have been fun yet restricting all at once! While a lot of feuds seem to have brewed behind-the-scenes of Glee , some of its stars actually managed to strike up some healthy and lasting friendships. It wasn't all doom and gloom!

Likewise, J ustJared noted in that Rivera had posted an Instagram snap of herself hanging out with both Agron and her on-screen wife, Brittany actress Heather Morris. Friends who act as cheerleaders together stay together, clearly! In an even more adorable show of friendship, Rivera and Agron actually went on a French getaway together in According to WetPaint , the pair met up in Paris while Agron was in the city filming the movie Malavita.

Rivera flew all the way out to Europe to hang out with her BFF - that's friendship goals! The pair posted plenty of snaps of their time in the French capital, making fellow cast member Chord Overstreet jealous - the actor Tweeted his co-stars bemoaning the fact that he wanted to go to France too! Maybe next time, Chord Of course, it would be remiss of us to talk about Glee without honoring the memory of Finn actor Cory Monteith. As we're sure many people are aware, Monteith sadly passed away in July following a struggle with substance use.

This tragedy occurred while Cory was still working on Glee , and while he was dating his co-star Lea Michele. As you'd imagine, his co-stars—and his legions of fans—were totally devastated by his premature passing. Unsurprisingly, many of Glee's stars dealt with their friend's passing in different ways.

According to Us Weekly , the late Mark Salling "never got over" Cory's passing, taking the loss of his good friend "extremely hard". An insider added that the star felt "heartbroken and hurt" that Monteith didn't ask for help with his issues before it was too late.

For her part, Monteith's former girlfriend Lea Michele told Elle that "you have to be very strong to come out of this alive. While actor and singer Darren Criss stole all of our hearts as Blaine Anderson in all but one of Glee 's six seasons, this wasn't the part he'd originally wanted to play! The Hollywood Reporter revealed that at first, Criss decided to pursue the part of Finn - although the actor himself conceded that he wouldn't have given himself the role.

Glee 's casting directors apparently agreed and gave the part to Cory Monteith. However, a season later they decided that Criss would be perfect as Kurt Hummel's love interest, and the actor's time on Glee began! Kurt actor Chris Colfer also went into his Glee audition expecting to read for a very different role than the one he eventually landed. As The Hollywood Reporter notes, the character of Kurt wasn't originally written into the script of the Glee pilot. Instead, his role was taken by two possible alternatives: The character Kurt was essentially created especially for the actor, and it shows!

You can't imagine anyone other than Colfer portraying him.

Glee stars dating in real life

Back in , Heather Morris - aka, Glee 's ditzy cheerleader Brittany - gave birth to her first child with her now-husband Taylor Hubbell. Glee was still in full swing at this point; however, Morris no longer had a regular role on the show due to her pregnancy. Still, you'd think that her fellow Glee stars would show her some solidarity and attend her baby shower, right?

They'd all been working together for some years by that point—some working friendships must have built up! In reality, as WetPaint reported at the time, many of Glee 's stars were noticeably absent from Morris' celebration. Two actresses did make it: Naya Rivera, and Sugar actress Vanessa Lengies. However, that was it. Lea Michele was on vacation at the time, so she can probably be forgiven, but even Morris' pal Dianna Agron didn't make it. WetPaint couldn't help but wonder whether the Glee cast wasn't as tight-knit as people tended to assume.

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Of course, this could have been making a drama out of nothing - the Glee cast were very busy people, after all! It just seemed like a shame that more of them couldn't be present to share Morris' special day. As we've already noted, the Glee set enjoyed visits from all manner of special guest stars throughout its six seasons.

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  • Considering these actors all played such diverse and unique parts, it must be hard to choose a "favorite" celebrity appearance! Well, unless you're Amber Riley, apparently. The Mercedes actress has been vocal about which guest star she most enjoyed filming the show with - Broadway legend Kristin Chenoweth! Speaking to Marie Claire, Amber admitted that she's a huge fan of Kristin and that she's a co-star that she's always happy to work with.

    However, the actress also joked about how taken aback she initially was by Chenoweth's short stature! Riley called the Wicked star "tiny", but more importantly "a genuine person. According to Us Magazine , Riley and her co-stars had another reason for loving Chenoweth: That's definitely the right way to win anyone's heart.

    Now, can we all make friends with Kristin, please? She sounds like such fun to be around And who hasn't kinda wanted to quiz her about her time alongside Idina Menzel in Wicked? One of Blaine Anderson's defining physical traits on Glee was his incredibly neat, slicked-back hairstyle. He was barely ever seen with a hair out of place - in fact, if this ever actually happened, we reckon total chaos would have ensued. Blaine's hair was both a reflection of his preppy style and of how cool, calm, and collected he was. However, it was also a very notable departure from actor Darren Criss' usually wilder, curlier look.

    How did Criss achieve this hair transformation?