He started dating his ex

I am so confused. It hurts because you found out another way he treated you bad.

Stay away from that abusive man and his behavior and find someone that will treat you right. You deserve better and so does your child.

Thanks for your quick response. I see a lot of stories here similar to mines so a lot of my questions have been answered. All I do is pray to God that he takes all good and bad feelings I have for him I still cry everyday because I wanted a family I been thru so much in life and also had a lot of unfaithful man and I thought he was the one but once I got pregnant everything changed it turned into a nightmare. I work a full time job have my own apartment and pay my own bills his mother takes care of my baby its been 3 weeks since I told him to get his things and leave so everyday that I drop or pick my baby I feel anxious and nervous feel down inside.

Sometimes I get so mad I want to grab my phone and let him know my pain and say mean things but I know i will only be giving him power over me once again. I dated some guy God two years and i had to leave him. He was an addict. He harassed me and did anything to get my attention. I moved on with my life.

He started dating this girl who was a worse addict with two girl by two different men and shes nit even 20 yet. She dosent have either of the kids. They broke up and months later me and him got back together because i love him and he was clean sober. We broke up for a day and he slept with her.

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I found out because it was on video that got sent to me two days ago in the moring. I dont know if i should stay or leave. Is that considered cheating to anyone??. He never told me he just lied to my face. I had to beg him for hours to tell me the truth. This article makes since but did i get left for her and brought back because she dont want him anymore?

So me and my boyfriend recently broke up. We had been together for a little over 8 months. A few days after we hit 8 months, as well as a few days after my last time seeing him, he broke up with me, through text. It was so random and caught me entirely off guard. I had just seen him a few days prior and we had a great day. So instantly I cried. I began thinking of everything I did wrong and what would make him leave me like that.

Finally, after a few days of crying of course, I text him. Which caused me to cry all over again. But, the next day I texted him once again. He stated I was needy Which I was already aware of. I mean I warned him when we got together I was needy so nothing new there AND that a girl from his past had came back around and they fell for each other.

I was so shocked. Even though 8 months may not been a long time, we still went through so much together , so for him to throw away all of it in a day for a girl was shocking. It just seemed out of character for him since he had been such a great guy through the whole relationship. He began to follow in my footsteps and do the same.

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He never mention her being an Ex to me before so I was unaware that she and him had a history together. He then finished off with How he know I must hate him, but I need to move on from this anger and enjoy life. I also added that I respected his choice because she was first and that I wish him well.

I apologized for my silly posts Which I took down, as a agreement that he take his down too and thanked him for telling me the honest truth. I told him I understood and I wished him nothing but the best. You have a greater life, honestly, you truly deserve it. I did cry once more. Yes, I understood his reason because once upon a time I felt the same thing. I loved a man and thought that if he ever came back, Id drop the person I was with for him.


But I got over that quickly once I met my now ex. I mean we were each others first. He had many problems Depression, Anxiety, Family issues, Health problems, etc but I still stuck by him through it all. Off doing who knows what. I want him back.

Why He Keeps Talking to His Ex-Girlfriend

Yes, he has many problems. He made me feel so special and accepted me as I am, just like I did him. We helped each other grow, Emotionally and Intimately. We have so much in common, from just the little things to our future goals. He is honestly someone I can see myself growing with and building a life with in the future. Now I will admit I do know of her. She had texted him about 6 months in our relationship. Besides, I went trhough their messages and it was nothing too bad.

They was a I miss you, but he really send one back. I shook it off because I assumed she missed him, as I miss a few of my friends. She did follow him on Instagram and knew of me. I dont really know nothing of their bond or past. Just that he loved her and they were never sexual.

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And I know I should be mad at him cause of course he left but She Knew about me so I am just as mad at her for coming around and telling him about Her Feelings she still have for him. Anyways we are still friends on Facebook and still follow each other on Instagram. At least not until they split.

Any advice on what I should do?? Hit the gym a bit, get a new hair style, some new clothes, and hang with some of my friends to take my mind off of it. It was a mutual decision and it only lasted 2 weeks. But now that I know he left me and jumped into another relationship. So yeah, any advice?? Omg I swear this just happened to me. So I dumped him he felt salty about the situation saying he would never leave me alone only way he would is if i changed my number. This is my experienced just today. I have meet him online however before we became together last Feb. We spent 12 days together as vacation in my country and told me that his 12 days vacation is the best days he has ever had the entire life.

He told me he was divorced for more than 2 years already and last Feb. Then recently, he told me that by July they will sell their house as that is what they agreed before but his ex told him to just wait until their daughter finishes her final exam so she will not worry about anything and only focus. Then the exam finished, his ex asked for another time after tje graduation. When he wanted to talk to her about selling the house, she asked him if they can try again one more time because she has love for him all along.

He was at first very firm he wont go back to her. And that time i still dont know that they are officially married together, which i thought were already divorced long time ago.

My Ex Got Back With His Ex

Then he asked me to be patient for him, to support him and continue loving him. Yes we fought sometimes because of her and his situation but he ended up begging for me to accept him back and wait until they sell the house and he can buy his own place. I did because i love him and even until now i do love him so much.

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  6. But this morning he sent me a message that they had a long talked yesterday and crying and get emotional and after that he felt some love to his ex wife again. I was so shocked because before he went out to talk to his ex he told me to trust him and believe on him. It is so painful very very painful. And we didnt talk properly why he decided to come back to her, he only sent me a message that he will do what is best for his son who has aspergers and ocd. But i dont believe that it is just their son, and i feel like i am being betrayed, used and played for the whole time.

    Please tell me what to do, he asked me not to talk for a week or 2 then we can talk again after that and be friends. I dont know because it is too painful and i want him back so much. I love him but i feel he only played and used my feelings for him. He played you, and wants to continue playing you. He lied and mislead you all along. That is on him, because you didnt know any better. Who you thought he was was not who he really IS.