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You will be missed. Blitzowner, on 30 April - At least we now know that you don't know squat about software development. No, it is not. This problem will solve itself with time. But you will gradually collect enough Spare Parts to unlock new slots for purchased tanks in time. GableHawk, on 30 April - There are two issues with MM. The matchmaking is required to match a team of roughly equivalent Battle Tier and Vehicle tier.

There are two thing that can happen depending on how Wargaming goes about changing MM.

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The first is removing the system completely. This results in blistering fast queue times but will result in incredibly unbalanced battles think 7 TD vs. The other extreme of the spectrum is making MM WR based. This causes incredibly slow MM times upwards of 5min. So, in the end, right now the MM is as optimized as it can be without breaking the balanced between queue times and vehicle balance. WG very much wants to control the WR - to make it harder for the players. As a player it would be nice, but again, that is not the money making route. This is not a complaint in the least.

Preferential Matchmaking Tanks in WOT?

RommelTanker, on 30 April - You need to either explain what I have bolded above - or stop with the nonsense of how you think that MM works. WG has repeatedly told us that the MM for Blitz does not use any player stats or metrics at all whatsoever.

So it cannot be "based on what is called Battle Tier". BorisBaddenov, on 30 April - There's also vehicle weight, which is a big mess of numbers and percentages, but basically it acts as the balancing factor. Each team has to have a "weight" that is roughly the same. So those teams at Tier X with 2 Deathstars, rest assured the mm said that that was balanced and fair.

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That's not Blitz my friend. Wargaming tried to fix this as well. That can hopefully reduce the existing problem, though the optimal solution might take a while to be found.

You can keep sending your feedback regarding these fixes to Wargaming. It seems that they care about reviewing it and giving their community the best experience possible. If this update is still not the right one, they will soon repair all the issues based on your comments.

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Rania Tsiro 6 months ago Facebook. Aikl 2 Posted 24 May - Whether you believe in Wargaming's claims that PMM is bad for the matchmaker is up to you. They've had this matchmaker for a year, and suddenly figured out that PMM was an issue. Sucks for Wargaming that the greed's come back to bite 'em in the behind now.

World of Tanks Matchmaking Rant

Definitely thinking of buying the Super Pershing again, preferably on discount again. It's a cheap tier 8 and the upgrade to something decent for 2k gold could work out well. Steiner 5 Posted 25 May - Humansland 6 Posted 25 May - Other than camo, the whole thing is terrible The two thanks you have listed as Tier 3 are Tier 2 though.

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You forgot the tier 4 "heavies". Type 95 Heavy Durchbruchswagen 2 B1.

It's a cheap tier 8 and the upgrade to something decent for 2k gold could work out well.. It's not a pmm tank but can They buff the IS-5, arty levels of gun handling means it's unplayable. Looking at original announcement, all the examples of what's wrong more or less covers tier 8 - both the tanks and the issues with matchmaker. I doubt they'll continue the process with rest of the tiers, as, well, there's just no point.

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Listed tanks and mm works fine enough at lower tiers, and touching them is just lot of work with nothing but trouble for return. Should be on sale again this weekend. What would you want to upgrade it to to though? VorpalChicken 16 Posted 25 May - Missed T7 pref medium tank the T23E NM helps to learn to read Edited by VorpalChicken, 25 May - Balc0ra 17 Posted 25 May -